Nicknames your man will LOVE!

Time to learn some sexy nicknames to call your man.

But before I get into it, here's my first tip...Avoid cutesy-wutsy nicknames at all cost (unless you want to make him feel like he's 10).

We're going for the stud-factor meter here, these are names that will make him feel incredibly sexy.

Here you go:

Handsome - This makes him feel and attractive and most importantly, manly. If you make him feel manly, he will treat you like his princess.

Cowboy - Cowboys are bad ass. Manly, they tame wild horses, but who can tame them? ...You! Calling him this name after sex makes him feel like he did a good job if you know what I mean ;)

Rock Star - Goes without saying that most guys (at one point) want to be a rock star. Give him the feel of it by using this nickname.

Big guy
- Even if your man is not big, this will make him feel big. Let him know you think he can protect you, and you will fuel his confidence which he'll take out on you. In a good way!

Tiger - Guys love tiger. The word tiger is synonymous with precision, and power which we love to have. Always a winner of a nickname, especially in bed.

Stud - If your boyfriend/husband/fling overheard you calling him a stud to your girlfriends, you would score some mad points. Never go wrong with this gem.

Hunk - A bit old 80's (A.C Slater style) but still works. Just don't get too carried away with it, ie: 'my hunk-a-hunk-o-burning-love'. Cheese overload.

There you have it. A few quick nicknames that will show your man you think he's sexy.

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Evan Michaels


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Anonymous said...

Thank you! Finally some suggestions that don't include "boo"! I don't want to de-masculinate the guy!