Dirty talk - Do you sound stupid?

I get a lot of emails from women asking all sorts of questions. I've heard it all.

One question I get quite often, is from women who are afraid to sound stupid, so I want to talk about this.

Unlike the episode of SATC where Miranda says something to her boyfriend while in the bedroom and he gets up and leaves....that doesn't happen.

Chances are, if you're secure enough to try talking dirty to your guy, then I highly doubt that anything you say will completely turn him off. If anything, he'll probably laugh.

If you've done any research for dirty talk online, everyone says 'start slow', and it's actually decent advice. In the beginning, you should just ask general sexy questions to see what he likes: "What do you want me to do?" "Does it feel good when I do this?" "Do you like when I do this?". That way you can play it safe, then once you're comfortable with getting reactions, start adding in some playful names: "how does that feel tiger?"....etc..etc..

If you're worried about sounding stupid, don't be. If your guy is lucky enough to have YOU want to learn to be good at dirty talk, he should know not to mess it up.

Go do it and have fun. It's worth it.



Anonymous said...

thank u so much ..ive been with my partner 12 years and we have a wicked and dirty sex life but i feel stupid when i try and talk dirty 2 him he is so supportive but after reading this im gonna do it and get over that feeling once again thank u x

Anonymous said...

I disagree with your statement that guys won't leave the room or do more than laugh. When I was younger I used dirty talk in the bedroom with my boyfriend. I was some what new to sex and unsure of what I was supposed to do. We had watched a porn tape earlier and I tried to emulate the girl on the tape. He stopped mid-love making and was so turned off by my efforts he wouldn't continue. Nothing I said was beyond the "Oh God's" and "F me baby" that's popular in traditional non-fetish porn, but it was traumatic enough I've never uttered a word in bed since. There's a reason women worry about sounding stupid and you can't always discount personal experience as a cause.